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Post by IBlueIJaBBRexI on Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:41 am

Hello my friends how has things been I haven't really been around due to boredom of the Xbox and the games in this generation aren't attracting me to play Xbone anymore I got bored and have been playing a moba on my tablet called vain glory I've been kinda nailed to it for a year and half I have poked about on my Xbone here and there but being Forza isn't great and project cars being a bit buggy in places I find it hard to stay and play however the skyrim remaster may bring me back so I may return who knows I just haven't been attracted to play the Xbox but I thought I'll let you guys know why I have dissapeared for so long I wish you all the best I will stay in touch and I hope you guys are smashing nans like it was 4th of July haha I do miss you guys it's just this generation of gaming focuses too much on graphics and not the content inside of it which has put me off really I want old school to return haha good luck in the future I may come back and pop about but for now my addiction to tablet games are real and I am enjoying it so I hope we can play soon when I feel I can play my Xbox again I hope I am welcome to remain in the LMR team and race as a LMR driver for when I return.

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