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23/9/14 LMR #1 at the 12 Hours of Silverstone

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23/9/14 LMR #1 at the 12 Hours of Silverstone

Post by LMR Admin Panel on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:27 pm

Despite a rough week prior to the start, Le Mans Rennsport was as dominant as ever at the TORA 12 Hours of Silverstone!

The team was scrambling to find someone to accompany LMR DarthMario in the Corvette, and as the week wore on we were running out of options. LMR Deftone MX, who at the time was unable to race had qualified the car on pole at a 1:48.433. Nearing the end of the week, we had a glimpse of good news as HMR Motorhead confirmed as the 2nd driver. However, only hours later LMR DarthMario decided not to race leaving the Corvette now with only HMR Motorhead who was only available for the final 2 stints. Out of time and options, the car was on the road to being withdrawn (no pun). A last minute change of plans however, allowed LMR Deftone MX to race putting the car back into contention of racing. The car still needed one more however, and thanks to Motorhead, o2R Dsquared 07 was enlisted to take stint 3 so Deftone would not have to go 8 hours straight.

With the LMR Corvette secured, the team was able to celebrate a 1, 2 in qualifying as LMR COCO put down the blistering time of 1:48.844 in the LMR Red Dragon Ferrari, which was good enough to clear the rest of the field by an impressive 9 tenths of a second! Things were looking good, and only got better in the opening hours of the race.

With Deftone taking the first 4 hours in the Corvette, and Joito taking the first 4 in the Ferrari, the pair stormed away from the field setting a record breaking pace. Nearly 4 hours in, Deftone had a lap on Joito, and Joito had over a lap on the FailRace Lamborghini running 3rd. For the start of stint 3, the driver changes came for both cars as o2R Dsquared 07 jumped in the Corvette, and LMR COCO took over the Ferrari. Everything continued on smoothly as COCO lengthened the lead to FailRace, while Dsquared pulled further away from him.

Just over 5 hours in, disaster struck the leading car as o2R Dsquared's connection dropped with some 30 minutes left in the stint. Estimations left the Corvette approx. 50 miles down to the now leading LMR Ferrari of COCO. As stint 4 began, LMR Deftone MX returned to the Corvette, while COCO remained in the seat of the Ferrari. And again, like clockwork the Corvette gapped the Ferrari, while the Ferrari dispatched the rest.

With 4 hours to go, the Corvette was turned over to HMR Motorhead and the Ferrari back to Joito04. Both set to take it to the end, the pair yet again began to gap the field, when only 10 minutes in, HMR Motorhead's connections dropped the Corvette out again. This left the car completely out of contention for even a half decent result; but never the less, Joito's Ferrari continued to dispatch the lot. Not long after the drop of the Corvette, the FailRace Lamborghini suffered the same fate.

With Motorhead's connection proving to be an issue, LMR Deftone returned one final time to take the Corvette the final 2 hours, while Joito as planned stayed in the Ferrari. As the pair set off for the final 2 hours, it was almost insult to the bad luck of the Corvette as it yet again dispatched the field in style followed by what would be the car of the day.

When the checkered flag waved, it was to the scream of Joito04's LMR Red Dragon Ferrari F458 Italia sporting the AF Corse livery some 7 laps ahead of the 2nd place CRA car. While the rabbit ran straight into problems, COCO and Joito stayed cool and consistent from flag to flag putting in a stellar performance and bringing LMR Red Dragon it's 3rd consecutive win in the 2014 TORA Endurance Championship!
LMR Admin Panel
LMR Admin Panel

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Re: 23/9/14 LMR #1 at the 12 Hours of Silverstone

Post by Joito04 on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:13 am

Awesome work We started the race with the plan of finishing second with the corvette being quicker car. But that did not mean that we were going to just sit there and watch and once connection issues hit the corvette. We knew that all we had to do was 1. Keep the car clean 2. Pray that are connection would not give up on us. Overall a great race and one that I will not forget

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Re: 23/9/14 LMR #1 at the 12 Hours of Silverstone

Post by LMR Zakspeed on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:26 am

Well done guys!

LMR Zakspeed
LMR Zakspeed

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Re: 23/9/14 LMR #1 at the 12 Hours of Silverstone

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