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European GT Championship. Rulebook!

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European GT Championship. Rulebook! Empty European GT Championship. Rulebook!

Post by LMR Admin Panel on Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:55 am

Rules and Driving Etiquette

The European GT Championship is a non-contact sport. But, some contact might be unexpected or unavoidable. If you feel that you have been wrecked on purpose, please insert a Steward's Inquiry about it and the Race Stewards will take a look at it. If we hear any reports on lag from a driver, please report it to me and I will tell the driver who is causing the lag to fix his/her connection. The only possible penalty for lag is to start from the rear of the field to avoid any first lap collisions.

I expect each and every competitor that attends at any of the championship meetings to behave and communicate in a respectable manner to every single competitor and steward. If you feel a comment may be offensive, hurtful, etc., then please don't say it at all. On the track, if you feel you gained a spot unfairly, then please give the spot back unless the other driver(s) have either spun or crashed.

You may get only one block per straightaway per vehicle. Any second movements that get reported to the Stewards will most likely result in a lost of positions, depending on the effect of the second block. It is not considered blocking if the driver is getting prepared to enter a corner, which will give that driver the right to move to the appropriate side of the track to take the corner, if there is any sufficient room.

If at any moment of the race a driver goes off the track, please be very watchful when you see that driver joining the track. Depending on where the driver went off depends on the action everyone has to take. If the driver is rejoining the track at the exit of the corner, then that driver has to wait until all drivers pass by. If the driver is rejoining the track on a straightaway, then all oncoming cars must give the rejoining driver room to enter the track in a safe manner. Failure to comply to this will result in lost positions, depending on the severity.

All racing and passing must be made on the race track. If a part of a track gives you a dirty lap, you are not allowed to use that part of the track. If you use the run-off of the track to gain positions, then you may either be asked to give all spots back or lose positions at the end of the race if you fail to do so. You may use all the run-off you want if you are avoiding a wreck.

Driver and Team Entry Rules

You have the option to be a team of two or three cars, or a single privateer entry. The European GT Championship will have the use of three championships. These championships are: Driver, Constructor, and Privateer.

Drivers Championship: All drivers are by themselves when earning these points. The points will be scored starting at 100 for first place and then subtract one point for every position down.

Constructors Championship: This championship is to determine the team with the most points at the end of the season. However, only the top two drivers will score points for their team in any given race in order to keep it fair for teams that choose to run just two cars.

Privateers Championship: This championship will be run for drivers that decide to enter as privateers.  Whichever driver is in that car for that race scores points for the privateer championship.

You may use as many reserve drivers as you would like.  Reserve drivers will help you in only the team or privateer championships.  Reserve drivers will score their own driver points.  All reserve drivers must use the same number as the driver they are reserving.  If you do sign in as a reserve driver, please mention it in either the sign in thread or in a PM to the Community Staff.

Race Format Rules


All qualifying will take place on the day of the race before the race starts at 7pm BST. Qualifying will be six laps long: one warm-up lap, four flying laps, and the final lap where all drivers must stop in Turn 1 so that the host can take down the times. Nurburgring Nordschleife will be two flying laps due to the longer track length.


On race day, please be on 10-15 minutes before the start of the race so that the lobby host(s) can hand out the invites for the race and hope for the race to start as soon after 8pm BST as possible.

Each race will be around 30-40mins in length amount of laps will be confirmed nearer the time.
There will be two races per meeting.

Standing start.

Each race will be a standing start/

Assists and settings:

- Collisions during all races will be on, and set with Limited Damage. TCS, Driving Line and Normal/Simulation Steering are the only allowed driving aids that may be used. ABS, STM, Auto-brake and Auto-gears are prohibited. Manual gears must be used but it is up to the competitor if they wish to use the clutch or not.

Once the race starts, I expect clean racing from everyone and hopefully a good race. A caution will be thrown when two or more cars are involved in an incident. Off-road excursions will not throw out the caution. When the caution is thrown, the leader will pick up the field at a slow speed and pace them around the track until all drivers have caught up.  If the caution is still out at the last turn with three laps to go, all cars will stop in the final corner and there will be a two lap shootout from there. There will be no more cautions once there are two laps to go. All restarts will be two-wide. Whoever is in first gets choice of left or right side. Odds have to be in the same line as the leader and evens will have to be in the same line as the second place driver.

Pit stops.
There are no mandatory stops in the first five rounds of the TCR European GT Championship. If a driver needs to pit to repair damage then they can at any point. Round 6 of the championship at the Nurburgring Nordschleife will be a one hour race and will include a mandatory pit stop that the driver can elect to take at any time. Failure to make a mandatory pit stop during this race will result in exclusion from the results.

At the completion of the race, the finishing results will be recorded and the points will be tallied up. No bonus points will be rewarded. So, you could lead all the laps, but wreck on the last lap and not get any points for all of that leading.  Anyone that lags out before the conclusion of the race will be placed in the back of the grid.

Dropped rounds.
These is one dropped round which will be tallied up at the end of the season. This will be your lowest score from the six race meetings.
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