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LMR Redbull dominate opening weekend

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LMR Redbull dominate opening weekend

Post by Midnight LMR on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:54 pm

Le Mans Rennsport F1 went into the opening weekend of the F1RL Euro Series with high hopes and the determination to make good LMRs reentry to Formula 1. With Midnight LMR and II ALEX P II, driving the two RedBulls and IBLUEJABBREXI and LMR Leadgodasse, driving the two McLarens we were looking about as ready as we could be. Things started off on the wrong foot, however, for Midnight as he missed the start deadline for qualifying and therefore had to sit out and start from the back of the field. Alex and Jabber had a great little scrap for pole, which Alex eventually won, and  Godasse qualified well in 5th.

The race commenced and saw a nasty battle between the front runners in the first three corners that caused a few to go wide and Alex to end up with damage to his front wing, causing him to have to pit early. A situation made worse when Alex misjudged the pit entry and hit the wall causing a flat that he had to then do another lap with before he could pit, an incident that all but took him out of contention.  Meanwhile Jabber and Godasse got tangled up in traffic and were forced to fight for every inch throughout the race until Godasses technical failure that took him out on lap 8.

Now while all this was happening, remember Midnight started on Prime tires in the back of the grid because of missing qualifying, he was able to weave through traffic and stay out longer and push harder and had worked his way into first. RedBull then changed strategies on both cars and had their drivers push like hell, with both drivers setting lap times half a second faster than the rest of the field. The end result brought the team and Midnight his first win of the season by an incredible 34 seconds over the 2nd place Mercedes and, due to a time penalty for colliding with Alex at the start on the Ferrari running in third, Alex brought his car all the way back up to finish third! It was a LMR 1st and 3rd for RedBull.

Malaysia was round 2 of the Euro Series and turned out to be a pretty crazy race, with changing conditions and a reignited pace from McLaren it turned out to be the more thrilling of the two rounds. Alex took pole by an incredible full second and was determined to not let it go to waste this time. Meanwhile Midnight,  who admittedly was stuggling at this track with the car and setup qualified 7th. Jabber was in 2nd and ready to take the fight to Alex and the Redbulls. Race time came around and the skies opened up, dumping rain down in buckets and forcing the cars onto wets and the teams into a scatter reconfiguring their strategies. As the race started, Alex made a magnificent start while the rest of the field fought for grip position. Some great first sector battling put Jabber and Midnight 2nd and 3rd as they tried to catch Alex. But Alex was literally in a league of his own as the track became intolerable to drive and racers were complaining about visibility and grip. Alex, out in clean air and open track was pulling away at almost 4 seconds a lap!

Now as the race progressed and the teams were advising of clearing in the weather, a crucial decision was made by the boys at McLaren when they called Jabber in to change onto Intermediate tires hoping for a shot at Alex when he would have to pit for them also. This decision would be one to haunt McLaren as the track was not dry enough and actually progressively got worse. Midnight was able to make up the 11 second gap to the McLaren and overtake him onto the main straight with 4 laps to go and begin to chase down Alex who had a 36 second gap at the time but without pitting the whole race, which is remarkable tire management, Midnight was able to close the gap to 17seconds by the end. Jabber was able to hold onto 3rd despite a very fast approaching Mercedes that threatened to yet again take the podium away

So to finish out the first weekend for the reunited RedBull teammates with a 1-3 and a 1-2 is pretty damn goid and showed the incredible pace of the LMR F1 drivers as the RedBull team took a 83 to 40 point lead in the constructors championship and Midnight leads Alex by 3 points in the drivers championship. Unfortunately Midnight will not be attending the coming weekends races so the weight of the RedBull team will be on Alex as the weight of the McLaren team looks to be on Jabber unless he can get his teammate back up to speed. So even though LMR had an incredible first weekend there is much more do and nothing is by far decided.

LMR CO-LEADER / TORA Race #372 / Team Principal: LMR iRacing Team                  
 2013 TEC 24 hours of Le Mans 3rd overall - Johnny2Shoes - LMR leadgoadasse
2013 F1RL U.S. WDC/U.S. WCC-LMR Mopar / Euro WCC-II ALEXP II / Classics WDC

Midnight LMR
Midnight LMR

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Re: LMR Redbull dominate opening weekend

Post by LMR Deftone MX on Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:57 pm

Well done guys!

LMR Deftone MX
LMR Deftone MX

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