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Firebl4de9696 Cries, Lies and Spy's.

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Firebl4de9696 Cries, Lies and Spy's.

Post by LMR Admin Panel on Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:26 am

As you may or may not be aware, we have fans outside the team base, and one of which is none other than our F1 competitor "Firebl4de9696",

He has shown complete disrespect for anyone who can outpace him, and rather than learn and improve his own skill-set, has decided to take to every 15year old's friend, the Internet. Very Happy

Now, he has decided to make up some BS and take it to his page, and without it exploding, just thought i'd help him gain some more viewers, just remember to "log-in" to his website, as he won't have the balls to show himself here, but rather hide like a little girl.

Cheers all, and keep up the hard work! cheers

LMR Admin Panel
LMR Admin Panel

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Re: Firebl4de9696 Cries, Lies and Spy's.

Post by LMR Zakspeed on Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:01 am

Ahaha, man that kid sounds like a jackass. Banning anyone from his series who is quicker than him. That's downright sad and pathetic. Man I'd love to see him come to Forza just so he could see how much of a beating he would take in Drivers standings. What a knob

LMR Zakspeed
LMR Zakspeed

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Re: Firebl4de9696 Cries, Lies and Spy's.

Post by Midnight LMR on Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:59 am

Unfortunately for the team and racing as a whole, people like him bring the whole of the sport down. His quoted conversation fbetween himself and I was completely madeup rubbish. He twists and used the conversation to basically attack BlueJabbr and I wasnt having none of it and once he realized that he flipped out and put his mommy on the headset to scold us lol. Never in my life to I meet a more retarded and backwards wanna-be racer. Its honestly a shame to see his little crownies following him about to an almost suicidal end. So BlueJaBBR and myself had no choice but to withdraw the team from competition within the defunk XFOC. No worries though mates we return home to the USF1 league where we have a great relationship with all admins and drivers and a good history in the league. A fair warning to all though. Make sure you really investigate a league before commiting to it.

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Midnight LMR
Midnight LMR

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Re: Firebl4de9696 Cries, Lies and Spy's.

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