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TCR GT Revival - Rulebook

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TCR GT Revival - Rulebook Empty TCR GT Revival - Rulebook

Post by LMR Admin Panel on Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:46 am


General Rules & Driving Etiquette
GT racing, as defined by TORA, is a non contact sport. It is understandable that on occasion some contact may occur that is not expected by either party, for example due to lag. Competitors with 'lag' issues will not be penalized, but may be asked to improve their connection, if the issue is persistently hindering other's experiences please see connection section.

TORA expects competitors who partake in its championships and meetings to behave in an appropriate and respectable manner. Insulting comments or behaviour towards fellow competitors and race stewards is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely.

Competitors who are being followed on a straight part of a track by another car may move their position on the track ONCE to defend, any further sufficient movement outside of cornering will be deemed as weaving and your actions may be reported to the race director or head steward after the race.

If a competitor leaves the track at any time, it is advised that extra caution is taken not to impede other drivers when rejoining, please check and look before rejoining the track. Common courtesy stipulates that a driver in a dangerous position on the circuit should alert oncoming drivers of their position to avoid additional incidents, (essentially the yellow flag rules.)

Track Limits
During a race meeting, each time the track limits are not adhered to, a warning will be given. Each driver are allowed five warnings for exceeding the track limits, at any part of the circuit. If a sixth and subsequent occurrences happen within a race meeting, then that driver will lose a position for each time the track limits are exceeded.
The track limits must be adhered to in the event of gaining an advantage whilst having an on-track battle. If the limits were exceeded to avoid a collision no warning will be given, however if a driver overtakes a driver by exceeding track limits, the driver must give that position back before they may continue their race. If the driver which was overtaken backs off heavily either through incident or "mechanical" failure, then the position will not need to be given back.
The inside of a corners limits are denoted by the the edge of the tarmac of the course (and painted track lines in a majority of cases)
The outside of a corner, both entrance and exit, are denoted by the edge of the “rumble strips”.
Where no “rumble strips or painted lines exist, the track limits are the main tarmac areas.

TCR GT Revival Series


This will be a championship fought by each driver for themselves. The total amount of points at the end of the series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the overall drivers standing at the end of the year. There will only be an overall drivers Championship, no separate table for privateers.


A team will be made up of upto 3 drivers, all driving the same livery and car. This championship will be scored by the total points score all 3 drivers for each race meeting, over the course of the championship.

- Team Driver Changes
Any driver changes MUST be performed by quoting your previous entry form, and bolding the changes made!

- Substitute Drivers
There will be no substitute drivers available this series

Race Meeting
We ask that all competitors are on Xbox live 15 minutes prior to the start of the race meeting, make sure their NAT settings are setup correct, and appearing online to everyone. Any competitor who does not follow these runs a very high risk of not receiving an invite, or being able to compete.

Each competitor must also post "IN", until one hour before the race meeting at the very latest. Anyone who doesn't post “IN” in this time frame will not compete, ZERO exceptions.

Event qualifying will begin at 8pm. Apart from if someone has already attempted to join a lobby but had connection issues, there are no exceptions to this start time. If you appear online AFTER the start time of 8pm, you will not receive a qualifying invite.

A maximum of three invites will be sent out to all race entrants. This invite will denote your qualifying lobby. Competitors who are not connected to the host’s room at the start time without reason stated before the start time of the race meeting will not be able to take part in qualifying. The qualifying session should start no later than 5 minutes from the designated race meeting start time.

If a connection issue is apparent please contact your lobby host as soon as possible and they will do their best to ensure you can connect to the qualifying lobby.

Qualifying Set-Up

There will be 2 qualifying sessions per race meeting.

- A 4 second roll off delay will be in effect to accommodate a greater opportunity for clean running and driving concentration. Collisions will be set off, and damaged will be limited.

- Qualifying 1 will be set to 6 laps, 1 warm-up lap, 4 qualifying laps, and the last is used for the lobby hosts to collect times before competitors cross the line to finish the session. "Clean" qualifying laps are over "Dirty" laps. A slower "Clean" lap will start the race ahead of a quicker "dirty" lap. Make it count!
These times are used to denote who will be in which race lobby.

- Once Qualifying 1 is over, ‘Live Timing’ will be updated along with who will host the various racing lobbies. TORA will ensure that this process is completed as quickly as possible but please expect a minimum of a 10 minute break after the qualifying session for which the TORA team will set up race lobbies.

- Qualifying 2 will be set to 2 laps, 1 warm-up lap and 1 qualifying lap. "Clean" qualifying laps are over "Dirty" laps. A slower "Clean" lap will start the race ahead of a quicker "dirty" lap. Make it count! These times are used to denote the starting grid order for the race.

- Any qualifying is set to collisions off, and damage to limited.


Race 1 will begin under rolling start, in the order of qualifying 2, when the last driver has confirmed they are in place the lead driver has said says 3,2,1, Go!

- Collisions during all races will be on, and set with Limited Damage. All driving aids will be available, apart from ABS, STM and auto-brake. Steering will be a choice between "simulation" & "normal" due to issues made aware by Fanatec for wheel users.

Each race will be approximately 45mins in length, denoted by a set number of laps. Racing conditions will end at the chequered flag, racing to end the lobby race session.

Rolling Starts

Competitors are asked not to move off their grid slots until the lobby host reads out the grid order and confirms when they can move off. All cars must proceed in order at no more than 80mph and at a distance of at least 80ft from the car in front. We ask that competitors do not race one another in the formation lap as to not interfere with the grid order, any resulting infringements will be reported to the race director and penalties may be given.

To achieve a rolling start the competitors will be led by the lead car until the start signal is given. Once the lead driver reaches a pre-designated section on the track (usually before the final corner), they shall let the pack bunch up side by side in a two by two formation. the lead driver is given the choice what side he wishes to begin the race on, and all following competitors must follow this lead.

When all drivers are in position and the field are all on the start / finish straight, getting confirmation from the last driver that all are in position, the lead driver may start racing conditions by shouting "Go" and accelerating before the field reaches the start / finish line, if “Go” hasn't been called at the line, race conditions will begin automatically.

Under no circumstance shall any competitor be allowed to pass the vehicle in front until they have passed the start and finish line. Should a car overtake another before the line, the offending driver must give the place back within 3 corners, or penalties will be given out.

Mandatory Pit Stops
There will be no mandatory pit-stops for this season. Anyone wishing to make a stop at anytime can do so without penalty.

Safety Car Rules
There will be no designated ‘safety car’ vehicle utilised in our championships due to the limited nature of online race lobbies. However TORA does operate general safety car regulations which provide a similar outcome, utilising the lead vehicle in the lobby to slow the cars to a safe speed whilst allowing affected competitors to repair any damage and catch up with the rest of the field.

When the Safety Car Is Used

The Safety Car will only be deployed if an incident or incidents occur between three or more competitors that severely impairs all competitors involved. Only a driver involved in the incident may request the safety car, and make the request to the Lobby Captain. The Lobby Captain then make the decision to activate the safety car period. The Safety Car may not be requested during the final two laps of a race.

Forming a Safety Car Period

In the event of a safety car period being called, the lead car takes the role of the Safety Car or Pace Car. The Safety Car must not exceed 50MPH and the pack must form in current race position in single file with a minimum distance of 75meters to avoid contact.

Conduct During Safety Car Period

Drivers involved in the incident should form at the back of the pack, in order of relative position before the incident. Competitors must keep a safe 75m distance to the car in front during the Safety Car period. Brake testing during the Safety Car period will not be tolerated and may lead to penalties. Warming of tyres is permitted but must be undertaken in a safe manner with due consideration given to other competitors.

Any driver may pit during a Safety Car Period, but will resume the race at the back of the field. If the grid has not formed by the time the pole sitter reaches the pit lane entrance, the safety car may continue for another lap.

Safety Car Race Start

Safety car restarts can occur at anytime after the final corner on the circuit and before the start / finish line.

The race restart procedure is to make sure that all competitors have caught up to the safety car train, and then the lead car can accelerate at anytime whilst shouting Go, go, go informing the other competitors race conditions have begun again. It is upto each competitor to be aware of the cars infront when accelerating to avoid any collisions. Any suspected "Run-ups" for a safety car restart will be an offence worthy of a stewards inquiry, and will result in penalties.

*Overtaking can take place as soon as race conditions have resumed*

Race Restarts
Race restarts may only take place in the event of a collision involving 50% or more cars within the lobby, either on the warm-up lap or the first lap, or if there is a lag crash, and at the lobby hosts discretion.

The lobby restarts in the same order as the intended previous start, and with 1 lap less than the original race length, and a new starting procedure takes place as a safety car start, not a side by side grid start.

A race lobby will only be restarted the once, after which any consequences of another collision will be the end results of that race.
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